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In this call we will discuss your goals, vision, story and what a personal brand could do for you.

Assemble Strategy & Get To Know You

We will start to create a strategy with you then start learning your tone of voice, your why and your goals to communicate this effectively to your audience.

Schedule Content & Manage Engagement

You reap the rewards with no time investment as we have your content and engagement covered. No more posting and ghosting because you lack the time.

Why should you have a personal brand?

Employees' personal brands can significantly increase a company's social media reach by x10, engagement, and credibility, leading to amplified brand impact and customer trust.

Personal branding boosts credibility, with 92% of people trusting individuals over brands. As we are a LinkedIn marketing agency, we can build your credibility on LinkedIn first.

Investment in personal branding increases employee optimism by 27% and promotes company loyalty.

Stop pondering over your metrics.

Likes, comments, reposts and impressions can be important for analytics and to see what is doing well and what isn't but they aren't the most important metrics you should measure. Focus on how many inbound leads, inbound candidates, podcast and media invites you get and keep posting great valuable content.

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Save 10+ hours each week and become a thought leader with our ghostwriting/copywriting and social media management services.

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Learn how to leverage your LinkedIn with The Personal Branding Duo. Combat fear of posting, learn what content works on LinkedIn and more.


Unlock Your Full Potential on LinkedIn with Our Personal Branding Strategy Guide that can 10x your chances of inbound opportunities.